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Selina Shapland

I am extremely happy to say that I completed my outline within one week from my first NLP session. I wrote for five hours two days after the session and I kept writing throughout the week. I have now handed my outline in and I could not be happier with the success I have had with NLP. If you are suffering from writers or a creativity block then I highly recommend Forrest Wolverton to help you move past whatever event has been holding you back from attaining your highest potential.


I really appreciated the exercises [Forrest] took me through and the way [he] led me to experience success again. I wouldn’t have been able to get there on my own so quickly. Not only am I enjoying my work again, but I have some tools, if I get stuck in the future. I will name one of the characters in my book after [him]!

Debbie Copfer

I had my NLP session with Forrest to help with my writing block. By asking the right questions, he quickly and easily discovered the reason to why I start writing and then stop in the middle without ever finishing. Then he started clearing that block. We worked through it and when we were done it felt like a lead weight had been lifted off of me. The really exciting news is I have written almost every day since and I’m eager to write where before I kept having more and more excuses why I wouldn’t, couldn’t and didn’t want to write......Thanks Forrest!!! You’re the best!!

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